Sydney Institute Courses

Established in 1891 as Sydney Technical College, Sydney Institute is Australia's largest and oldest school of vocational education and training. Owned and operated by the NSW Government, the Institute forms part of Technical and Further Education of NSW (TAFE NSW). In its long history of excellence, Sydney Institute has trained more than two million people.

Each year more, than 80,000 domestic and international students enrol in roughly 900 courses, ranging from day programs to three-year diplomas. Our courses offer clearly defined educational pathways, with many leading directly to university programs. Through our Degree Express program, Sydney Institute students can also shorten the amount of time needed to complete a university degree.

Our students undertake their training in a wide variety of learning environments – from traditional classrooms, online, in the workplace, even in remote areas overseas. And all of our teachers have worked in their chosen industry, so they understand what students need to know to succeed in their careers. Sydney Institute is also on the cutting edge of training provision in areas of high employment growth, including information technology, hospitality, air and sea transport, sport, recreation and leisure. And our Silicon Graphics multimedia programs are world renowned.

The Institute also works hand-in-hand with industry both in Australia and overseas, providing workplace training to increase employees' skills, while improving productivity and morale. Our strong links to industry provide our students with practical, industry specific skills that give them a distinct advantage in the employment market.

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